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Please be careful when using lathe machines. These images and video are posted for safety & educational purposes only. If you feel unwell or traumatized after watching the video please contact your nearest 24/7 help line or if less urgent reach out to me or the Reddit community Lathe accident aftermath! It's depressing that in less than 10 seconds a normal work day became this for that dude. Usually I shrug off most of the things I see here but this one is hitting me in particular. How fast a man became a mass of lifeless chungs in what should have been a normal work shift Reach up, stretch it down, use it, let it go and it bounces back up and away. Living on the edge. I witnessed a similar incident as an apprentice working in a machine shop. The guy left the key in the chuck, switched on the lathe, and the key smashed through the roof of the building, never to be seen again 3. level 2. wowthatiscool500. · 5m. I'm pretty sure he died immediately in the initial grab before he started spinning. His head got slammed below the bar either knocking him out, or completely crushing his head. I'm a CNC machinist and think about these kind of videos every time I use a manual machine like this

8 Recommendation #4: A lathe spindle (with chuck) should be adequately guarded to prevent operator contact. Discussion: According to 29 CFR 1910.212(a)(1), the point of operation of equipment such as lathes must be guarded to protect the operator.3 Moreover, ANSI B11.6.21 specifies that manual lathes shall be safeguarded with a chuck guard.4 This particular engine lathe had a metal guard that. The dies ( 12 foot square) opened like a giant books up on end so the operator could reach in and remove the part and re-lube the die, then they would close at a force of around 500 tons. One guy leaned too far and reached back to grab himself and hit the close button. Feb 13, 2008. #18

What happen if a long bar stock which bad support going out of control...Long overhang + poor support + High Speed + Cycle Start = ApocalypseStay Saf But I don't remember they really ever teaching me anything about safety. Common sense rules apply in a machine shop from my experience. When you watch a lathe rip off 1/8th inch passes of steel and it doesn't even put any strain on the motor, you can only imagine what it can do to something made up of 96% water. R 55,165. Reaction score. 12,642. Location. Crown point, IN. Nov 20, 2020. #23. Imaging being the guy that walked up to that at the end, dude will never ever get those images out of his head

This vid shows what can happen if you get too close to machinery with lose clothing. Its shocking just how fast this can happe Man dies in freak machine accident Safety Reminder - Lathe Accident GRAPHIC DEATH. A reminder for all of us, and should be required viewing for all new (used) large lathe owners. It is GRAPHIC and operator is DEAD! Last edited by PracticalMan; 12-02-2020 at 11:23 AM . Homebrewblob liked this post Gloves should never be worn in machine shops. Only machinist should be alloed in the shop. Also when I was an aprentice , I was running a lathe with a 48 swing. The chips comming off were blue. The plant manager was showing the Board of directors through the shop and they stoped to see the big lathe

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Cameron Minshull, 16, was dragged into the steel cutting machine after his overalls became caught in a horrific accident, Manchester Crown Court heard. The apprentice, who earned £3 an hour. As previously mentioned, that lathe was marketed under a dozen different brand names, including Grizzly and upgraded several times over a twenty year span. Ours was an off-brand label few had ever heard of, but with some digging into the Grizzly website, I was able to find a gear for the power Y-axis feed, so some parts are still available

All machines have some backlash. No way to eliminate that. There will also be spring which I believe doesn't show on a DRO. But then I don't have a DRO so I don't know. My lathe has 0.007 to 0.008 backlash on the compound and the cross slide. I often have the same problem as you are having when turning to a diameter

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