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First try to reach level 50 to kill Icy Wind Monster that gives you around 712~+ XP per kill with relatively low hp monster. 2. To level up to level 50 you can start off by killing Icewing Warrior for 407~+ XP per kill on screen 11 and grind until level 35 Fastest way to level up? (Non Member) I'm level 45, about to be 46. Since I'm not high enough to be in the Ice Storm Arena, I was wondering about a better place to level up until I'm a level to go in there. Below 50: either /timespace or /finalbattle (the room after Drakath, after completing the quest). The monsters yield about 500 EXPs per kill level 1. haseo427. 2 years ago. I think you can try ./battlegroundE doing both 46-60 and 61-75 (17.000 worth of XP), but you'll need lvl 61 and a good farm class to do it, so keep in ./bloodmoon until 61, then go try ./battlegroundeE. (Disclaimer, i didn't test /bloodmoon in the test servers, so i can't say which /join is better.) 1 Go straight up if that is an open. If not then go left up. First available at level 45 - must complete the quest each time to acquire - acquire new shield at levels 60, 90, 105, 120. Tenebromancer's Robes (Wizard Class Shop Leveling up aoe farming classes here is so easy. 1. level 1. [deleted] · 2y. This is my XP Guide but it's the same thing for CP. 1. level 1. niel_walker

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  1. The Level cap is currently set at 60. Classes level up to Rank 10. 1. SleuthHound Inn (/join sleuthhound) Levels 1-15 Basic Analysis: A great area for beginners. The monsters are relatively easy with low health and high Exp. There's also a lot of them. And with friends, you're going to level up today
  2. g xp and class points. Kill Undead Pirates. Level: 40 Difficulty: 4 stars Total HP: 2,388 22,673 5,621 Attacks: Upper Slash: 45-53 90-220 Slash: 45-53 90-22
  3. g location for Exp and Class Points in AQW 2019. By far
  4. The fastest way to level up for non members in AQW Really good xp and advice. Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/koreyx Channel Membership - http://bit.ly/KoreyM..
  5. Play AQW Fullscreen! http://aqworldscdn.aq.com/game/gamefiles/Loader.swf?ver=2Join my Discord Server! Link here! 【 https://discord.gg/g5sNkee 】Follow me..
  6. Home 11K XP Per Kill - Fastest way to Level Up - AQW 11K XP Per Kill - Fastest way to Level Up - AQW 11K XP Per Kill - Fastest way to Level Up - AdventureQuest Worlds. This is very easy. Follow these instructions - 1. Go to Chaos Boss (/join chaosboss) map. Chaos Boss (/join chaosboss) 2

Well it depends you can do that or goto the blinding snow area (after you reach 25 or higher) and fight the beasts then when you reach the shards fight them and you'll lvl. Up fast and also can gain money. Also you could do pvp and just fight the restorers 7 1 Adventure Quest Worlds fastest way to level up 2014. These are many ways to level up for different players (members . Title : Adventure Quest:Over 100,000 Exp and 20,000 Gold every 3 mins! Fast Farming Guide! Summary : Well this is a damn fast way to level up! You can get over 2 MILLION exp in an hour! and 400 THOUSAND gold at the same time 1. level 1. [deleted] 4 years ago · edited 4 years ago. Apparently, Frosty the Snowman (you have to die to reach him though) gives like 1k exp, while other low level monsters give like 30. I beat him at level 3 and jumped some levels, and he's still effective past level 15. I guess that gives something to look forward to when low levels die

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Your level is still kind of low so you're in need for something engaging but isn't going to kill you but helps you level up. You're in the right place! Below is a list of lower level quests that can help you gain ranks, get awesome gear to either equip or sell to increase your gold. Fight Dwakel's at the Crash Site. Ballyhoo - any level Answers. Add your answer. Guest answered: Go to map and go to ethremstorm (fire realm) and do 5 quests and you get Suit Of Flame go into the hole and defeat Ssakia (you must be level 30-40) 4 2. REPORT | REPLY. Guest answered: Go to timespace (/join timespace) and kill the Astral Ephemerites. They give 400+ exp and have only 2,450 hp each Upgrade (By using the Item Upgrader) your items as you level up, but don't go over level 35 Catcher's Mask. At level 50 he will level up from 65 to 100, but just keep using the same strategy. By level 50 you should attempt to have your Wizard Class at level 10. At least level 9 is required for Nerfkitten Scion

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The game has been in a long level increase stop on these stages so the 4-level increase was kinda acceptable, It has been almost a year and the level cap was still not increased hence why the lv21-25. Complete the storyline here and get the Bloodknight set, by doing so you should also get tons of exp closer to 25 and the best-in-stat of the. To level up to level 50 you can start off by killing Icewing Warrior for 407~+ XP per kill on screen 11 and grind until level 35 Today I will be showing you a new farming location for Exp and Class Points in AQW 2019. By farming in this location, it is possible to level up to level 90 in around 3 days

You can join that place by type /join doomwood on your chatbox Fast Rank Up for level 1 to 15 2nd. For level 15-25 : Arcangrove. You can join that place by type /join arcangrove on your chatbox Fast Rank Up! For level 15-25 3rd. For level 25-45 : Lolosia. You can join that place by type /join pirates on your chatbox Fast Rank Up! for level 25. 1. Pirates is a good place to farm xp and class point for low level player. Monster level - 40, Total Hp - 5621. Type /join pirates OK. Now you are level 6 (at least). You should go t visit the seasonal events (i.e. Mogloween 2008).Also if you go to the lair an see the two Wyverns and the quest guy (Galanoth) ,bring up quests and leave up quest list and kill the Wyverns.They are fast questing monsters an you need go to in pvp and kill all the restorers and brawlers. the restorese give you 2000. exp and the brawlers give you 2600 ish. I level up fast now. Amd you get combat trophies. and get cool items so double win. Posted: apr 20, 2011 12:42 am The best way is to go to Slime Hill near Angel Falls. Liquid Metal Slimes are your friend. They dish out about 40,000ish exp. My people level up fast and they are at about lvl 50-60. If you need more money then I would suggest you go fight some Goody Bags near Batsureg. They give about 336G and they are really easy to kill

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Good for ranking up Shaman Class; Lolosia. Location /join pirates Defeating the new undead pirates awards very high class points and xp. Guide to fast GOLD and EXP for low levels Newbie. For first type /join newbie; Accept the quest Defeat Dodgear with Maya. You can get a moderated EXP and GOLD here(to low levels For blinding snow, it doesn't level you up when you are level 31 or higher, but it is the best place/one of the best places to rank up your low-level classes. Pirates is good for everything for all levels, because the undeads are level 40 or over. When i was ranking up my darkside, i ranked it up 3-5 in 10 minutes - The power leveling guide however requires a strict tested stat distribution, and is geared towards efficiency, letting you get to level 150 as fast as possible and then changing your build to whatever you want My guide to leveling up from 1-100. -an extra account to help you kill monsters -class with aoe skills -the rooms must be glitched for.

Discover those two items and you can figure out the rest on how to level your ninjas to level 100+ in a week. asdf , on March 10, 2010 at 3:59 said: its not true! there is a lvl 171 human player with 1 white belt ninja with fists Click Get, then YES, GET NOW FOR FREE. Then Login to AQW, and the item will be in your inventory. 3. Bypassing High Level Room (Working as of 1/15/2021) This glitch is used to bypass high level restriction on certain room on some map such as /join icestormarena. If you use this glitch you can go to restricted level room Currently, the level cap is set at 90. Levels serve as a fundamental basis to judge players' capabilities and commitment to the game. As in most games, leveling up gives players access to better enhancements and equipment. Furthermore, some areas and content have a base level requirement for access It's not just the fact that there are fewer levels to grind overall—the new leveling experience gives you a choice of the content you want to play through to get to level 50. fast 1-10. New. Levelling up isn't the only way to unlock those lovely skill points that will slowly but surely increase your power level. Certain world events and tasks will reward you will boosts, too

Hypoglycemia is a condition where blood sugar levels drop too low and need to be restored fast. If the condition isn't treated quickly, you risk symptoms and complications like shakiness. Directions: Guardian Tower > Stables > Teleporter > *click on yellow beam* > Battle Carnax For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Both, but more of an EXP lean. Pros: Probably one of the best places to farm at a lower level if you can strategize and survive the first two battles.The rewards are substantially high at lower levels and can quickly cap you. The stronger you are (higher the level, more.

Fastest Way To Earn Gold & XP. Do you want to improve your character but you're struggling for Gold and XP? You shouldn't be. You need to do something called ' farming ', which means you need to see which monsters give the most Gold & XP near your level and then keep fighting them over and over again Outriders leveling guide - how to level up fast. How to get to max level as quickly as possible. Playing through the story should leave you a few levels shy of 30, and completing a few side. Mage is a good class for tons of damage. This is not a good class for low levels, but i would say level 20-55 with all wizard enhancements. Ninja is a good too but it's not good for soloing bosses. I suggest you use thief enhance for armour and all luck. Evolved shaman is best for surviving but from what i've heard, it does not do as much damage a We've got the tricks to help you farm them for easy levels. Even by the final act of Dragon Quest 11 , you will probably still be a long way off from level cap. Unless you want to spend a ton of time grinding out encounters, leveling up your party high enough to take on the final boss and endgame content will take a very long time Level 21-30 will probably spend about two months. Level 30-40 will probably spend about a month and a half. Level 41-50 will probably spend about a month - 3 weeks. Level 50-65 will probably spend about 2 weeks. Preparing : You should probably wait until about level 35 to try this, as it takes forever at low levels

You should level all tier 1 classes (fighter, mage, rogue, and scholar) to level 10 because many tier 2 classes require you to level in them and some of them are good for levelling at higher levels. After this you should pick classes suited to your role. Warriors can learn Beserker and Knight, Mages can learn Wizard and Rogues should learn ninja The place has high-leveled monsters, with quite the low HP to kick in it too. Now, what does this simply mean to you? Easy. EXP. Farming. What you need to Do: Since all the enemies here are quite farmable, there's really no routine you need to do. Just make sure you are beating a lot of Beatles and Tune-A-Fishes up. [Preferred Level: 20-30] 6

A high-CHA player with a Medidroid and a level-appropriate pet can recover HP quickly and deal pretty good damage at the same time. Actually, even a low-CHA player can achieve good results with a Medidroid, simply because healing is currently overpowered in AQ and WF. This idea is especially true at high levels 4.Complete the quest. 5.Turn in the quest and get all 3 items from the quest. 6.Now if you sell all 3 items it's worth 7,500 gold but while you are fighting Dwakel Warrior you can get a sword which is worth 3,750 gold and if you get a helmet from the Dwakel Blaster it's worth 1,250. 7.Sell all 3 or 4 or 5 items Hello there and WELCOME to our General Leveling Guide for ALL CLASSES. This guide, as a whole, aims to educate on two main points. 1) Tell and remind you all of the ways, systems, tips and tricks to gain EXP - and which ones are good. 2) As you level up, some level ranges (IE tiers), have some specific changes or notes to be aware or. Use your shield to raise your Block level. The quickest way to level up your Block skill is to travel to a giant's camp and start blocking his attacks. Repeat this until your Block reaches 100 (takes only 30 mins or so). Make sure you have enough healing potions and spells. This also works well with Armor skills AQW Best Farming Classes Updated As of 6/26/2020 Best Farming Classes on AQW - If you are an AQW player you must be thinking which one is the best farming class on AQW to make your farm more efficiently, but before that you also might be bored to use the same class overtime, so today i want to tell you about my opinion which classes is the best for farming, which you can maximize your farm.

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How to level up Fast (Level 90) Non member! Easy XP AQW . Imagine your AQ is Level 30 and your BK Level 10 - when you upgrade your AQ, your BK is much lower that you won't be able to do attacks on the same level as with your AQ active RELEASE Hi MPGH, I am back with some updated bots for the latest version of Grimoire (3.8) Really big shout-out to Biney for this amazing final release which can be found here This bot is a stable tool for u to sleep and level up ur Class & Level overnight! OPTIMAL SETTINGS U have to be the minimum level to acces the area (This is level 61 atleast To get level 100 on aq worlds? Wiki User. ∙ 2010-12-06 12:03:47. Best Answer. Copy. right now the level cap on aqworlds is 35 so unless you cheat you cant get to 100. if your talking about the. Aqw Lightcaster Armor; Aqw Lightcaster Ac; With these farming guides you can Rank Up/Farm Gold/Level Up easily. Gold and XP values are dependent upon level, so the numbers quoted on this page may not apply to your character Adventure Quest Worlds Cheats, PC. Unlockable how-----healer - character creation and class shopmage - character creation and class shoprogue - character creation and class shopwarrior - character creation and class shopacolyte - juvania's shop - trainersrenegade - metrea's shop - trainerssorcerer - arcana's shop - trainerswarlord - thok's shop - trainerseasy money:-----if you have a book of.

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  1. That means you get a boost for EXP around 400K. And if you have 3 chars it's 3x400K. I actually do that the most. I have 3 chars with CP. And each day it counts, I had a boost around 2 Million. So if you are Enlightend and have ESO+ and use a Scroll. No matter what you do you will be leveling up blazing fast
  2. Every 10 levels this spell can be upgraded to improve the chance of a successful tame by 5%. Tame-able monsters will have an icon next to their name. Green means the monster is easy to tame. Yellow means the monster is harder to tame. Red means your Venomancer's level is too low to tame the monster. Heal Pe
  3. Level up a character to at least level 10, then make a new character and find out (and memorize) the ID of your new person. Then you can go back to your stronger character and go to the PvP

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Just wanted to share a bot I have been using to level up my alt accounts and to get max gold fast. Just wanted to share a bot I have been using to level up my alt accounts and to get max gold fast. Credits to Meme for the spammer code, if you use this bot give him some thanks if possible. (AQW) Hacks / Cheats / Trainers Replies: 9 Last. If you prefer to level your characters faster via XP grinding, rather than the scenic route of questing, then the following are the best places to grind XP in ESO: *Pro tip: make sure to join the Fighter's Guild before doing any Zombie grinding because you will recieve a Fighter's Guild point for every undead kill. You will level up that skill line nicely and won't have to feel the pain. AQW how to level up fast for low levels. Employer PRSI rates 2021. Application of CRDI system. Cost of built in office cabinets. Crochet flower for headband Free pattern. Coriolis effect ocean currents. 2006 BMW 325i oil pan gasket Replacement. Resonance examples Chemistry. Wool Roving by the pound. How far in advance should you plan a wedding Adventure Quest Easy Levels: ----- Submitted by: Eoghan I would reccemend at least level 25 for this but you could try it at a lower level first go to the rip in the sky and find the loremaster click on the scroll furthest away from the skull (at least i think you click on that scroll) and you should go to a war where you fight a fire army (not the dragon just the army)click on twilly and he.

Morgul667. . . To level vampire you just need to be one and do some XP (if it is not working then it is bugged). This will bring your work skil lline level to 10. To level skills you just need to put them in your bar and do some XP (same as other skills) Feeding does not XP your vampire skills. #2 Defeating a high level challenger rewards the lower level player with experience points more rapidly than normal. Knowing how to power level in the world of warcraft has become so popular for most players looking to advance through the lower and not very exciting levels of WoW that a number of gaming companies have set up ways to do this

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Death Caster Armor. Mutated Shark Skin. Back to Top. Level 23. Bardagi Armor. Bloodguard Armor. Day Walker Armor. Back to Top. Level 24 do a pull-up, or that it's too late to get in your best shape ever, The 12-Minute Athlete will change your mind, your body, and your life. Get serious results with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that can be done in just minutes a day. Give up the excuses and learn to use your own bodyweight and a few basic piece

Villagers and Heroes (previously known as A Mystical Land) is a free to play MMORPG. The game is simple and accessible while still having plenty of depth and a huge amount of activities. The game has a very RuneScape feel to it with plenty of professions to level up and a level of simplicity that original propelled RuneScape to fame. Want some. Stage 2-4 will give you a great amount of money in comparison to how fast you can actually complete it. Good for low-level players of the game. Stage 6-2 is a bit difficult, but if you want to. Nefadon Claw (Level 10)-> Bludgeoner (Level 25) -> Black Axe (Level 35) -> Kragoth's Broadsword (Level 65) -> Doom Mace (Level 80) -> Kragoth's Broadsword (Level 105)-> Irolustre's Eviscerating Claw (Level 118) Low Levels - Up to L50 Start off by grabbing Nefadon Claw, which you can hang on to for a little while Gravelyn is now the iconic.

Save up thouhg, at level 20 grab the soul katana, your friend until level 70. Possibly the best investment you can make. When you feel competent in the game, start buying and leveling class armors Accurate Assault Rifle. This Kilo 141 kit allows the user to pelt enemy targets from afar with its high accuracy and 4.0x Flip Hybrid scope. The user can also engage targets from mid to close-range as the automatic fire can help you respond to immediate threats. Back To Table Of Contents

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AQW how to level up fast for low levels. Toprol for anxiety. How many records can Access database hold. Dove release for funeral near Me. KFC allergen menu us. Claremont Christmas Festival 2020. Mini choppers for sale 50cc. Sleeve gastrectomy complications UpToDate. Pee pad deodorizer. NT scan gender accuracy. Automatic Bird Feeder DIY Outer Worlds' max level cap is level 30. Players will be able to level up their character by earning XP, which can be done by completing main and side missions, killing enemies, have their.

Comment by Maiyai i just started this quest about 40 minutes ago. i had a level 14 fishing skill.. thats why i came here to find help.. read some of the comments so went and tried it myself. apparently how many sugar minnows you catch is based on your fishing skill or just complete luck and chance until higher fishing levels. its not a 100% chance for lower level fishers. your going to have to. At lower levels, Staves do respectable 2H Weapon DPS, and as you learn Staves by default as a Shaman, rewards like Crescent Staff may be your go-to weapon at low levels. At higher-levels, Staves are itemized for casters (spell power, intellect, low DPS) so Elemental or Restoration Shaman will be interested in them primarily, although there are. Dragonkoi: (level 13+) All battles are done solo. Great point to level up and do side quests. First you will fight Bash Ketchum and his Pokey Chew (very easy). Then you will fight NOTruto (very fast could be a challenge). Then fight NeuroYashana (easy). Then fight Absolute zero (easy). Then fight Spork-ion (easy) blinding snow with gemerals and sandsea camels. Wiki User. ∙ 2011-11-14 01:32:14. This answer is

How to level up fast: ----- To level up really quickly you will need: a friend at least level 15 and Xp Boost (Optional). First go on your map and click Yokai then go to Lolosia then go to the next area on the right then onto the little boat. Next kill the level 40 undead pirates. This is a good way to level up from levels 1-20 December 13, 2018. Level Cap Increases to 90 + IceStorm Arena SLAY Bells are ringing this weekend! Our Frostval celebration continues this Friday at www.AQ.com with a bounty of new gear, an all-new battle arena, and a level-cap increase to 90! Heroes of all levels and class type are invited to fight through the ranks of the IceStorm Raiders for honor, glory, and prizes Even lower level players should not be having any problems. In case you are of an extremely low level, then you can farm in a group. AoE classes are recommended as there are four monsters in the room and all of them are fairly weak. quote: Requirements to Level 1-2: 65 Exp 2-3: 120 Exp 3-4: 300 Exp 4-5: 600 Exp 5-6: 1,000 Exp 6-7: 1,500 Ex

The Enemies here have low HP (Save for the Chaotic Draconians -_-), and High Level, which means this place is farmable! What you need to Do: First, there are some pre-exquisites. You must have finished the Ferry Boat Quest, as well as beat Ryoku in the Tournament (Which he begins charging his Soul Nuke) Adopt 1000+ Pets and Battle Pets. 2 Free Treasure Keys a month 11K XP Per Kill - Fastest way to Level Up - AdventureQuest Worlds. This is very easy. Follow these instructions -. 1. Go to Chaos Boss (/join chaosboss) map. Chaos Boss (/join chaosboss) 2. Kill Ultra Chaos Warrior . AQW 4000 XP Per Kill Level 90 Fast ! - YouTu

Thus, you can train any Dark type pokemon against them, as they literally cannot damage you, as you are immune to them. You can level up a level 5 pokemon against them, and they would still not defeat you when they are level 64. You can teach your pokemon Toxic and abuse immunities at low levels to be untouchable against really high level pokemon Tips & Hints To Level Up Faster Complete All of White Orchard. Suck that land dry of any xp & loot and leave no stone unturned (question markers). You will need everything you can get in those early levels. These initial gains will skyrocket your leveling and performance, regardless of the difficulty When you level up, your needs for more expensive items will rise rapidly. Usually, you cannot afford the items unless you level up slowly and do a lot of treasure hunt, have other characters to farm, or trading reward items from xshop for gear, or through black market (which is against the TOS), BK is not good boss hunter without xshop items 1). Go to fairwind spring on the travel map and keep clicking the well and keep on battling. If you see the 3 pixies, don't go on the quest. The monsters there don't have good exp or gold. If you get to battle the 3 legendary warriors, ALWAYS accept the offer. They each give about 4200 exp and around 1000 gold Eat a snack to raise blood sugar (e.g. 1/2 cup fruit juice, 1 tbsp. honey, or 2 tbsp. raisins). 80-130 mg/dL. Ideal preprandial range (before a meal). 180 mg/dL or lower. Ideal postprandial.

I SUGGEST USING THESE ON CRAFTERS L15+ (use on low level if forced) Since the early levels are quite easy. (But you can unlock it asap) Starting Quest: A Bad Bladder NPC & Location: Scarlet at New Gridania (9, 11) Prerequisite MSQ: Pursuit of the Past. These dailies are best used to push past bad tiers, or simply on your highest level non. If you are stuck in between those levels, you have to wait up to 40 or 50 levels to get the next better material. Enchanting is better, tho. There are runestones available for CP10, 30, 50, 70, etc., so you don't have to wait too long in between levels. Aqw All Weapons That Give A Dmg Boost Wor In AQ i dont know , but in AQ Worlds you can now get up to level 30 (max) . Back in 2009 you only could go up to level 20 (max) . well aq there is 100 and in aqw worlds now in 2011 there is 4 Full reputation is still gained by questing at a higher level. For example, completing low level quests with a level 80 character now gives full reputation. This makes it easier to get to exalted and buy another faction's mount. Grey mobs used to give 20% of the normal reputation until the release of Patch 3.0.8. Now any mob will give full. Necrotic Sword of Doom Ultimate Guide - First of all, this weapon is themed from a game called as Dragonfable also one of Artix Entertainment game . On AQW this weapon gives the holder 51% more damage to All Monster's (including humans) that makes it the best weapon in the game because it deals bonus damage to all monster, but NSoD still.

(Cetera R9.1) Fastest IceStorm Arena XP Bot For Level 1-75 [By IceCape YT]_mpgh.net.rar [Download and Thanks] (550 Bytes, 1321 Downloads) Last edited by meme; 12-28-2018 at 06:53 PM . Reason: added scan Summary : The Fastest way to Farm XP and LEVEL UP in AQW AdventureQuest Worlds you can get up to 50k xp and gold per turn in! My Twitch Title : =AQW= How To Level Up Fast 2017. Summary : In this video, Hronick will show you how to level up fast, to get your level up's faster! Remember to LIKE, comment and subscribe! Music List: 1

Remember, a low-level but well-equipped character is much better than a high-level character with low-tier unenhanced, unrefined, unenchanted gear. So take your time to research on the best equips for your class, gather materials and save up on zeny to strengthen your gear! Good luck and happy grinding The reputation level below Exalted and above Honored. With this reputation level, you will get a 15% discount on items. Exalted. Exalted is the highest reputation level. With this reputation level and additional restrictions (see Purchasing other mounts), you can purchase and train to ride mounts of another race. It also gives a 20% discount on. Mechquest Is A Free To Play Sci-Fi RPG Browser Game Made By Artix Entertainment, Without Paying, We Can Make Up To 3 Character In One Account. There Is An Optional 19.95 Dollars Payment To Become St. To level up fast, you have to do something you are skilled at, be it a quest or killing monsters. On the online game howrse how to I get to the page where you take the tests to level up? Profile.