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Every home repair must end in fun. Watch to the end if you want to see the fun part. Bi-fold closet doors are some of the most used doors in your house. Bi.. Close the door to check for smooth operation and to see how the doors meet. Open the door gently so the pivot doesn't slip, then tighten the setscrew. You may have to repeat these steps a few times with both doors to get the perfect result. If the door binds against the lower part of the frame, check the bottom pivot and bracket next What to do when the track gets messed up and the doors won't work right.Amazon Links:Channellock 12 inch Plier: https://www.amazon.com/Channellock-440-12-Inc.. To fix bifold doors that aren't properly aligned, you need to: Open and close the door to see how well the doors sit on the track. Adjust the doors by tightening the track hinges with an allen key. If the door is still not working properly, alter the height of the door by adjusting the door hinge bolts..

Don goes over a very common problem with bi-fold doors, and gives you an easy way to fix it. Don goes over a very common problem with bi-fold doors, and gives you an easy way to fix it Bifold doors should be parallel with the frame and each other when there are double bifolds in an opening. A bifold should close snugly but not too tightly. To adjust the door's position at the bottom, simply lift at the bottom and move the pin over to another position on the bracket Photo 1: Top bracket. Loosen the set screw on the top bracket and slide the bracket slightly along the track to adjust the space between the top of the doors. Then retighten the screw, close the doors and check the fit. Adjust both doors. Photo 2: Floor bracket. Move the pin in each bottom floor bracket to adjust the vertical gap and the space. Bifold doors contain two separate door panels that are connected with hinges, forming one bifold door. Depending on the size of the door opening, it holds either one or two sets of bifold doors. Whether your bifold doors contain two panels or four panels, adjust the doors similarly if they continually pop back open after you close them Are the uneven gaps in your bifold doors driving you crazy? Learn how to adjust and tighten your bifold doors in our latest Skobel Homes Homeowner How-To.Lea..

How to Make Bifold Doors Close Tightly. After years of use, bifold doors will move out of alignment and begin to sag. The sagging doors will not close correctly and sit loose in the door opening You will find that a few things could be awry. If the top hinge in the track is loose it will slide away from the wall. It can be repositioned and screwed tight in place. The top sliding track Guide (with springs) might be missing, or broken or th..

How to fix bifold doors that won't close. Sometimes bifold doors can get stuck and will not close properly. When this happens, it can be a concern, especially for an external bifold door that will not close. An inability to close and lock it can be a great security risk Proper Procedure Of Fixing A Bifold Door That Won't Close A bifold door is a type of door that is commonly used in most of the homes. The bifold doors are usually used to enclose pantries, closets, as well as for the laundry rooms

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Repairing Bifold Doors: 6 Steps. Now that you have a clear picture of how a bifold door operates, you can troubleshoot the problem. Since the most common issue with bifold doors is having them pop open or close incorrectly, that's what is addressed below. Step 1 - Locate the Snugger. The first thing to do is examine and adjust the outer pin How do you fix a bifold closet door that won't close all the way? Answer this question + 4 . OR, make them into french doors, use straps to make each bifold into 1 door, take out track in the middle so doors will open up like french doors, you can use a magnent at top middle to make them close in the middle When a bi-fold door leans, the door may be difficult to open or close, and the guide tends to slip out of the head track. This is usually easy to fix. Start by resetting the guide inside the track if it has come out, then close the door and check the gap between the edge of the door and the track BiFold Doors won't stay closed. Hinges installed out of alignment cause doors to open or close on their own but this is usually a problem that builders try to repair rather than create on.

Bifold closet doors have several very common problems that plague homeowners, but luckily they are an easy fix. Bifold doors are the folding style doors that are most often used for closets. Since these doors are constantly sliding along a track to open and close, the hardware tends to become loose and cause issues with the doors getting stuck, loose, or falling off the track completely How to fix a sticking door. How to fix a rubbing door. How to fix a Hitting Door. How to fit a door.Do you have a door that won't close correctly? Is your do.. Bi-fold closet doors aren't as complicated as they look; there are only a couple of things that can go wrong with them. Depending on which side of the door isn't working properly, all you'll need to do is make a quick adjustment. Roll up your sleeves and grab a screwdriver, and you'll have that door working properly again before you know it How to adjust a door by the hinges for better alignment It can be the case that a door springs open on its own when you try and close it. This could be because the hinges are chopped in too deeply, causing the edge of the door and the frame to 'bind' against each other when shutting the door

Sticking Doors or Doors that Won't Close. Look at the space around the door. Is there a gap at the top or bottom? Normally, the door will stick at the top corner opposite of the hinges because over time the weight of the door will pull away from top hinges. To fix a door that sticks or rubs in the frame, you can try one of these fixes. Lubricating bifold doors is the solution when things are sticking or making noise. Just like other door hardware the hinges can start to squeak. A little oil can do a lot of good on a troublesome door. The hinges, rollers and pivot pins are the moving parts. Use a good quality silicone lubricant When You Can't Fix Cabinet Doors That Won't Close: Consider Your Alternatives. When you have cabinet doors that won't close and adjustments or fixes don't correct the problem, you only have a few alternative options left. Consider the following options: Live with it - You could try to get used to it for the time being. Some people can.

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The bifold closet door hardware for this fix is located at the top and the bottom of the bifold closet doors. This hardware uses bolts and screws to adjust the height. Open the bifold doors slightly and the hardware is where the doors hinge. Locate the bolt positioned at the bottom and extend it in order to lower the bifold door or retract it. Bifold door problem! Just installed a new six foot bifold door unit. The panels are solid pine raised panels. When the doors are shut the 2 doors that are hinged together will not flatten out, even when i just close one side the panels stick out of the opening. Was wondering if the hinges were a problem Thanks in advance for any help on this issue! My husband installed ceramic tile in our bathroom as well as a base trim. Now our linen closet bifold door won't shut (because the base trim is in the way). He thinks we should cut a chunk or notch out of the bottom of the door so the door will close but I think that will look unsightly

How do you fix a bifold closet door that won't close all the way? Margaret Hilton 2018n Jan 21, 2018 hiw Do you adjust the bifold doors so they will stay in the track and also so the bifold on each door will stay flat when shut instead of popping open a bit Each day, re-wet the towels and add 5 to 10 pounds of weight on the door until the warp is gone. After the area dries, apply a coat or two of finish to the whole door. Q. A few of the doors in my house will not stay open. They slowly swing close or partially closed, and I need to use a door stop If that doesn't solve the problem, try this trick: Remove one of the screws on the jamb side of the hinge and drive in a 3-in. screw. The long screw will grab the wall framing and draw in the whole doorjamb slightly. To raise the latch, do this at the top hinge. To lower the latch, do it at the bottom hinge Locks And Accessories Centor. How to put a lock on bifold closet door image of bathroom and keeping cats safe from bifold doors herd you johnson hardware 1700 bi fold door johnsonhardware sliding folding pocket how to put a lock on bifold closet door image of bathroom and 3 ways to put a closet door back on the track wikihow

1. level 1. stephicus. · 1y. It looks like the side that's anchored to the wall/floor (left side in the video) likely is meeting up with the shower track too closely. I'd check to see if there are any adjustment screws on that hinge that you could turn. I'm thinking bifold closet doors, it probably works similarly. 1. level 1 An interior door that won't close is no match for a homeowner that's equipped with these smart tips There are a handful of reasons why an interior door might have trouble staying closed, and most of them are easy to fix with a few common tools One bifold closet door won't stay shut. Close. 3. Posted by 5 years ago. Archived. Do the doors need to be replaced? Is there a fix that's easy to do without getting new doors? 2 comments. share. save. hide. report. 58% Upvoted. Left door is too close to the wall, moving the top track/pivot half and inch in will probably fix the gap and. How to fix a closet door that won't stay closed? Darlene Collinge 2020n Apr 01, 2020 My bedroom closet door stays open about 6 inches no matter what I've tried

The rebate piece can then be fixed back on to the master door panel. Finally, open up the full train of doors and re-fix through the holes, as shown below, in order to secure the new profile position. We hope you've found this post useful. If your particular Bifold Door System has lateral adjustment points built-in, please let us know Both types of doors seldom have a bottom track. Sliding bypass doors hang from rollers that glide on a track hidden inside the top jamb of the door frame. A plastic guide attached to the floor typically keeps the door in place. Bifold doors consist of two pairs of hinged panels that pivot on a pair of pins The doors are fitted to runners, and when opened they slide and fold at the same time for seamless operation. Accordingly, how do you fix a bifold door that won't stay closed? How to Adjust Bifold Doors That Pop Open After Closing. Slide the bifold door open. Slide the snugger spring further in, towards the side door casing

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If the door is not clearing interior flooring, the better fix is often to raise the entire door jamb and threshold. Cutting off the door without raising the threshold may result in an improper seal. If you decide to cut off an exterior door, make sure you have a plan for sealing the bottom of the door against the threshold when the door is closed Adjust it until the door closes all the way and compresses the rubber seal slightly. If the door closes and bounces back open, back the down adjustment off. 6. Check Your Manual. If your garage door won't close and there's a blinking light, your garage door opener is trying to tell you what's wrong

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  1. Adjusting the Jamb. If the door still won't close properly after trying the previous three solutions, there is one more thing you can try- adjusting the width of the jamb. There should be a gap about the thickness of a nickel between the door and all of the sides of the jamb (except for the bottom, there should be more clearance here)
  2. 2. Close the doors and step back to look at them. Check to see if tightening the screws changed the height of the center of the bifold door. Tighten the screws on the other door if necessary to.
  3. g up debris and grime from the track with a crevice attachment
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Fortunately, there are a number of simple, inexpensive methods of fixing misaligned doors.You won't have to completely rebuild or rehang the door, either.In some cases, the fix might be as easy as sanding an edge of the door or readjusting the hinge or latch Then lower it to fit the lower pin into the bracket at the bottom. If you have two sets of doors, repeat this step for both doors to fix the problem. Step #7. Open and close the bifold door to check whether it has stopped popping open after closing it. If necessary, adjust the bottom and top brackets again. Aluminium Bifold Doors Company in Sydne

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  2. Step 3. Place a block plane on the outside edge of the door nearest to where you marked the problem area. Firmly push the plane toward the center of the door to shave off a small amount of wood. After each pass, hang the door on the hinges and close it to test the fit. Repeat the shaving and hanging process until the door opens and closes smoothly
  3. How to Make Bifold Doors Close Tightly How to Make a Work Bench From Old Doors When sliding closet doors are working properly, they give you effortless access to your clothes, shoes and furnishings
  4. How to Fix an Unaligned Closet Door. Bifold and sliding closet doors are practical, space-saving designs. A bifold door has two vertically-hinged panels that fold on top of each other as the door.
  5. How do you fix a bifold door that won't close? Slide the bifold door open. Slide the snugger spring further in, towards the side door casing. Slide the snugger within the track, so that it is centered evenly between the four bifold door panels. Close the bifold doors and see if they pop open. Loosen the screw in the top bracket within the track

Fix #3: Plane the Door With a Belt Sander. If your door still sticks after you've tried tightening and driving screws, you'll have to remove the door and plane it. Use a Compass. Scribe the door. Set the pencil tip and compass point 1/8 in. apart and run the point along the jamb. Pro tip: Masking tape makes the pencil line easy to see How to Fix a Failing Door. With a nail set and hammer, tap the pin from one of the door hinges. Put the hinge on a surface that can take a good hit and whack a slight bend into the tip of the hinge pin. When you tap it back in place check the swing of the door. If it continues, do the same to the other hinge until you get the door to swing shut. Wobbly handle or draughty door? Have no fear, check out our list of common door problems and how to fix them, so you can keep your front door in top condition

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  1. How To Adjust Bifold Doors. Begin by opening and closing your bi-folding doors to figure out the specific location of the problem. Start with the lead door (the one you pull and shut to move all the other doors in the set). Play with it a little and see if it is binding to the door jamb or not sitting properly within the opening
  2. A door that doesn't close correctly The first thing to do is have a look around the perimeter of your door, as well as at the various points that it connects with the frame. Most Anglian doors will have multiple locks around the frame, so make sure there's nothing obstructing each bolt
  3. If the doors have non-adjustable hinges and one of them wasn't installed correctly, the door won't be level and won't close properly. To reset the hinge, you'll have to move it a very short distance. To avoid driving the screws into the existing holes, you should fill them with epoxy wood filler
  4. Sliding doors move along the tracks using a set of rollers. These rollers can become damaged, dirty or broken as the years go by and cause your door to stick. Most of the time, the problem stems from dirty and dried up rollers. To fix this, remove your door from the tracks, clean out the rollers and spray them with a lubricant, such as WD-40
  5. How To Fix this Door Lock Problem. Door lock problems like misaligned locks are easy to spot and easy to fix, however, you will have to troubleshoot a few things to make sure that you are implementing the right solutions. Most of the simple solutions for broken locks can be carried out with some DIY tools
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Bifold Door - Cons. There Is More Frame Than Glass. Every glass pane will have its own dedicated frame, and when you close the door it can obstruct your view. This is easy to fix by choosing the more slender frames and staying away from dark-coloured frames. No Threshold How to Fix a Shower Door That Won't Close Properly. Nobody would appreciate cold air bursting into the shower enclosure while taking a shower, or the water leakage because the door doesn't close. However, if your shower door is giving you a hard time, so, the issue is with the screws Also open and close the French doors together. Once you find out where exactly the problem is you will be able to address it. Check the Door Hinges. The reason your external French door won't close could be the door hinges. An easy fix will be to tighten the hinges Doors can start sticking for various reasons, and it's always a hassle. The wood can swell in the hot and humid summer air, the hinges can become loose with usage, and your house can even shift and settle over time, causing changes in the frame. The key to fixing a sticking door is to determine what is causing the issue, and then you can decide if you can fix the problem with a simple trick.

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Sliding closet doors fall off tracks. First, check the alignment of your closet doors. Stand back five feet or so and examine the gaps on the top and bottom. There should be an even and uniform separation all the way along the top and bottom. If you see an uneven gap, it will require you to raise or lower one of the sides To readjust the door frame, you have to remove the trim along the latch side to get at the shims. This job can be a hassle, especially if you have painted trim. So try this trick first. Slip a 1/16-in.-thick cardboard strip behind each hinge (Photos 1 and 2). This will widen the gap along the hinge side and narrow the gap along the latch side

Here is how to fix a warped door depending on the problem: The door is stuck at the top : Tighten the top hinge. If that doesn't help, sand down the top of the door. The door jams in the lower area shortly before closing or drags across the floor. Place one or more washers on the upper hinge. If that doesn't help, sand down the door below 18. Save. It's really annoying when a sliding door won't shut completely, but adding a couple magnets can help it shut all the way every time. Advertisement. Your sliding door might be able to. In the winter time, doors that close tightly keep more cold air outside where it belongs. When it's hot in the summer, that cool air produced by your air conditioners will stay inside where it will keep you comfortable. There are a few things that you can do to fix a door that won't stay closed. Fix the Strike Plat 9. Install the inner door panel, then close the door to test the latch for function. Plug in the dishwasher and run a rinse cycle to test for proper operation. If the latch closes and the switches.

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Shower Door Problems Are Common with Bypass Shower Doors. A bypass door, or a sliding shower door that runs on a track, provides the perfect environment for water to gather and cause problems. The metal track where the rollers sit can rust, gather debris, develop mold and mildew problems, and generally deteriorate from water damage Brian Lim. When you trimmed the hinge sides you should have a slight angle (2º) cut to allow the doors to close fully and not bind on the hinges (hinge bound). Set the saw to 88º instead of the normal 90º. You can fix this now by using a block plane and create that angle now along the full length edge of each door How do you fix a bifold door that won't stay closed? How to Adjust Bifold Doors That Pop Open After Closing. Slide the bifold door open. Slide the snugger spring further in, towards the side door casing. Slide the snugger within the track, so that it is centered evenly between the four bifold door panels. Close the bifold doors and see if they. With regular residential doors, lintels can be allowed to bend very slightly (known as deflection), as this kind of flexing has no bearing on how the doors operate. With bi-fold door systems, however, there can be as little deflection as possible, as the doors won't be able slide open or closed along their tracks Adjusting the Bifold Door Height. (1) You have a four panel dour and the margins are all parallel, but the two sets of panels don't line up. You can adjust the height until they do. (2) The rollers are popping out of the track when you use the door. Raise the door until the rollers stay in place. The bottom pin can adjust the height due to the.

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  1. How to Turn a Bi-Fold Door into French Doors. 1. Take your bi-fold door out of the closet and off the track if it isn't already. Unscrew and remove the track and any other hardware that was supporting the door inside the closet. Remove the hinges and knob from the door. 2
  2. Remove bi-fold closet doors:- First, open the bi-fold door completely so the two boards are level against one another. * Working with each entryway in turn, handle the boards together along the edges. Lift up to connect with and pack the spring on..
  3. Step 1: Mark Trim Lines. If a door binds and a loose hinge is not the problem, close it until it just touches the jamb (don't force it closed) and use a pencil to scribe a line where the door needs to be trimmed. The ideal is a 1/8-inch gap between the door and jamb at all points. Mark both sides of the door
  4. utes to fix. This is caused by the door being out of plumb, the door simply swings open or closed under its own weight. The fix - apply some resistance in the hinges
  5. If that's the case, you need to bend it so it'll rub, but not so much that the door won't move or you can't get the pin back in. (ie, trial and error, most likely) - Joe Oct 24 '11 at 20:12. Add a comment | 5 Answers Active Oldest Votes. 11 Sound as if the door only moderately moves, I typically remove either the top or bottom pin, place it.

Mar 6, 2018 - Explore Ashley Hood's board Door Alternatives, followed by 136 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about door alternatives, closet curtains, home If your home's doors are warped, worn, or tired-looking, it might be time to upgrade from bland to grand. Get your interior and exterior doors in tip-top shape with our helpful how-tos and solutions for common door problems. Whether your door squeaks or begs for a fresh coat of finish, you can solve your home's door dilemmas quickly and effectively without calling an expert Steps to Repair a Skewed Door: 1. Close door and check the spacing at the top and latch-side of the door. 2. Determine which hinge must be shimmed to adjust door and create even spacing. 3. Remove appropriate hinge from door and jamb. 4 When cabinet doors won't close, determine whether the door itself is getting stuck or the hinge is keeping it from moving freely. But the door itself may be at fault. Wooden doors can absorb moisture and warp in hot, humid weather. One way to find out if that is the cause is to wait for [

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Jan 13, 2021 - Explore Nick Romero's board Door Repair, followed by 124 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about door repair, diy home repair, home repairs Doors that bind or will not close properly are common problems. People usually try to plane off the edge. But frequently the solution is on the hinge side. A hinge can often work loose, binding the door against the frame. Before trying to trim the door, open it and examine the hinges. Test each screw by tightening it with a screwdriver. That may be difficult on older painted doors Bifold Doors - Bifold doors have been the popular choice for closet doors in the last few decades. They are inexpensive and easy to install. They have the advantage of being able to open up the entire width of a closet at the same time. How To Fix a Door - Troubleshooting Swinging Doors - Interior & Exterior Door Won't Close

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Sometimes, doors of old houses show a similar kind of problem. It happens because of the excessive use of the doors and slamming them hard. So, if you have a door that won't latch, follow these steps to get the solution. 7 Steps to Fix a Door that Won't Stay Closed Step 1: Collect the necessary tools. You will need a few tools to fix your. If there's a more serious issue, and your bifold door won't close smoothly or tends to scrape and get stuck, it's more than likely that your door is out of alignment with the door frame. If this is indeed the case, the fix is surprisingly simple, and will only take around 10 minutes as long as you have a smidgen of DIY experience and the right. If your UPVC windows won't close, you should firstly identify the cause of the problem by examining your windows. Sometimes the sash can drop if the window has a side swing opening and has the option to open like a door. With your window closed, take a look at the top corner of the window,above the handle. If you can see daylight when you. May 9, 2021 - Explore Mike Jones's board Doors on Pinterest. See more ideas about doors, home repair, diy home repair

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  1. In my house, all of the closets came with bifold doors. While they don't take up as much space in the room as a regular door when they're open, they do partially block the doorway. So I decided to do a door makeover and convert the bifold doors in my office to barn doors
  2. Put a shim under the hinges when a door hangs unevenly. Remove the hinge pins from the door and lift it out of the frame. Next, unscrew the hinges from the frame, but leave the ones attached to your door. Trace the shape of the door hinge on a piece of 1⁄8 in (0.32 cm) cardboard and cut it out with a utility knife
  3. Step 2. Open the patio door very slightly, and turn the lock. If it comes out, watch to see whether it connects with the lock catch in the door frame. It it doesn't, check to be sure the door is properly aligned. You might need to prop the door up and tighten its connection to the door frame. Advertisement
  4. How to install bifold closet doors prime line bi fold door pivot bracket floor and jamb mount acme n 6543 the bifold closet doors won t fully close doityourself.
  5. Prime-Line Products N 7192 Bi-Fold Door Repair Bracket for 1-3/8-Inch Door, (Pack of 2) 4.6 out of 5 stars. 522. $5.03. $5.03. Prime-Line N 7372 Bi-Fold Door Knob - Wide Base and Large Diameter Door Knob for Easy Gripping, Replace Old or Unsightly Knobs, 1-11/16 Outside Diameter, Diecast, Satin Nickel Plated
  6. Our closet doors are also those bi-fold doors, except I don't see any tracks on the bottom or anything liek that — only on the top. The doors are flimsy, and in fact, my 4yr old was trying to push one side open but the top often gets caught in the track, and the door ended up falling right out of the frame
  7. or repairs. If your doors are loose and wobbly, and you can't get them to align using the tips above, it could be because the bottom pin has worn out of its seat within the door

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Any door can become uneven over time. You may not notice it so much though, unless you have a set of double doors or French doors. Since these doors meet in the middle, the fit and swing has to be perfect or the two doors won't line up properly. Fixing uneven French doors is not hard to do with the proper tools eHow may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. If your cabinet doors look a bit crooked, or won't shut properly, you probably have a problem with the hinges. If the cabinet hinges start to loosen, the doors can begin to sag, and you will not be able to fully shut them. If the. Here is a list of some common roller shutters along with tips on how to fix them-. 1. Door Won't Open/Shut. The most common problem with commercial or domestic security shutters is that the doors fail to open or close. While there can be several reasons for it, the problem might be as simple as power loss Bifold doors fold in half and are slightly angled to allow rain or snow to drain off the front of the door and not collect on top of it. Bifold doors lift up when opening ( do not swing out ) -- Ice and snow is never a problem. Bifold doors do not require floor tracks that can fill up with debris or ice Sliding doors won't work properly if they are rubbing on carpet, the floor or on the floor guide. Raising the door by adjusting the rollers can solve the problem

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When a door latch won't catch, it is usually because the door latch doesn't align with the hole in the strike plate. If the latch is too high or too low, try tightening your door's hinges. If your door still won't close after that, remove one of the screws on the jamb side of the hinge and drive in a 3-in Open the door and use a door stop to hold the door in a level position. Slightly loosen the screws on the hinge that appears to be closest to the door's frame. place a shim between the door frame and the hinge, so that the hinge is pushed towards the doorway. Re-tighten the screws. Test the alignment of the door

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As a security specialist in London I regularly repair UPVC door locks.In my last post about French patio security I touched on UPVC lock problems and the importance of up to date UPVC locks. I receive a lot of calls about problems with UPVC door locks because they can be problematic and unreliable. The convenience of having a multi-locking system on one door is advantageous Such as when a door won't fully close because it is sagging. Meet our door to the office: As you can see it was severely sagging to the point where it didn't close easily. If you wanted to close the door, you had to lift it up with the handle to make it fit in the door frame. Not ideal

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This depends upon wether there is a finished surface on either side. You need to have the frame of the door , especially on the hinge side, so it will be even with. Be sure to lay the door down with the bowed side facing up. After you've placed your door on the sawhorses, use your sandpaper and and the top and bottom of the door. How to Repair and Flatten a Warped Door. After the door has been taken off the hinges and proper sanded on the top and bottom portion, check to see how badly your wooden door is.

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When attempting to fix a garage door that is stuck open, make sure to turn the garage door opener off. If it is possible to safely pull the garage door manually to a closed position before attempting any repair, do so. However, if you encounter resistance, stop. You can view this video on how to safely open your garage door with no power here How To Align Garage Door Sensors 9 S With Pictures. Garage Door Opener Flashing Led Light Not Moving. Garage Opener Light Blinking A Troubleshooting. The Light On One Of Safety Eye Sensors My Garage Door. Troubleshooting A Garage Door That Won T Close Chion. Garage Door Won T Close Safety Sensor Troubleshooting Lights. High Sd Fabric Doors 993 Purchasing Bifold Door Kits. Most large home improvement stores sell bi-fold closet doors in standard sizes to fit a typical opening; many also sell reasonably-priced kits that include the door. How to Measure for Interior Bifold Doors. Service/Replacement. How To Replace the Head and Sill Tracks on a D-Series Wood Slide-By Window. How To Replace the Lock and Keeper in a D-Series Wood Slide-By Window. How To Replace the Lock and Keeper on a Siteline EX Double Hung Window Window & Door Repair in Milwaukee. We have the Midwest's largest window, door and screen repair department. We keep a ton of replacement parts in stock, so most repair jobs can be done within 24-48 hours. Our repair techs are factory certified by all the brands we sell. We repair ALL brands and ALL types of windows and doors for homeowners. 4) Measure the position for the top rail guide very carefully. If you have some trim around the front of the door that the bi-folds will close against, you want the top rail positioned to minimize any gap, but not so close the doors won't close. 5) Make sure you place the knobs on the solid wood frame part of the doors, not the hollow part