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Bookstagram and all niche Instagram accounts are well-known for their daily questions (QOTD/question of the day). If you're looking for QOTD ideas for Bookstagram, I've got you covered!While QOTDs are a great way to get to know your followers, they're also crucial for engagement—you can read more about why QOTDs boost engagement in my post here 2. Data Analytics For Content Creation. Asking questions on bookstagram will give you insight on your audience. Sure, we can get basic data from Instagram insights on your audience demographic, such as age range, gender and location.. But those data aren't enough to truly create content that will engage with your audience.. After a month or two of posting and asking questions on bookstagram. Bookstagram Question Ideas. What is a great Bookstagram question? Great Bookstagram questions usually speak to all readers, not just to the readers that read the same books as you. Being able to draw in readers from all genres is key. The more commenting a post gets the more it will be seen. With an uptick in engagement, visibility will follow

Bookstagram challenges are when an account gives a list of prompts for each day of the month and you join in and take a photo that matches the prompt! Often times those hosting accounts do shoutouts too — WHICH IS FAB. And you can network by liking/commenting/following other participants The bookstagram community is very supportive and encourages all sorts of talents. There's also a more personal quality to fan art because of the effort that into it. Don't be shy! Share your creations alongside the books that inspired you. Working with prompts makes it much less daunting when you're lacking inspiration. Keeping up. Here are some ways in which you could work together: Organise a buddy read. Start a book club. Create a unique hashtag and offer shout-outs for the best submissions. Host a giveaway. Set a thematic challenge. Even just an agreement to shout-out each other on a regular basis can help to boost your Bookstagram account That's why we've thought up this list of 30 fun Bookstagram reel ideas. Feel free to gain inspiration from these prompts, or just straight up create a reel directly from any of them! 30 Creative Bookstagram Reel Ideas. Share your monthly TBR. Show how you set up a cozy reading corner/environment Prompts can cover a huge range of book related topics from currently reading and best plot twists to gorgeous book rainbows and books you feel are underrated. QBD Bookstores run good challenges and Bookstagram Challenges is a dedicated challenge account with a huge variety to suit every type of reader

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  1. If you're participating in bookstagram challenges, you have to double-check hashtags and make sure your post can be somewhat linked to whatever prompts the challenges have listed for the particular day. Not to mention figuring out which hashtags will get you the most views and won't get your posts shadowbanned
  2. Small items from your make up drawer can make great additions to book flatlays. Especially if you're trying a handbag shot like I mentioned above. Your lipstick, perfume or eyeshadow palette could make for great bookstagram props. I often use my pastel nail polish collection in my flatlays too
  3. Bookstagram can seem to be quite taunting and intimidating, but in reality it isn't so. There are some that swear that consistency is key, others shoot whatever they feel like, but honestly Bookstagram should be fun. A place to talk about current books, favorite books, re-reads, new books etc
  4. 2) Bookstagram Challenges. Bookstagram challenges aim to provide bookstagrammers with photography prompts for their feeds. They include challenges such as the rainbow stack challenge, the five finger book challenge, the purple books challenge, and the pride books challenge. The details are mostly mentioned
  5. What Is a Bookstagram? #Bookstagram started as an Instagram hashtag to indicate book-related photos. Such posts are often accompanies by book reviews, discussion questions, or book club suggestions. Or, the photo might just be aesthetically pleasing, especially to book nerds

Dec 3, 2018 - Explore Sarena's board Bookstagram on Pinterest. See more ideas about bookstagram, reading list challenge, photo challenge If you've never heard of book journaling and your interest is piqued by it, I've pulled together a list of 52 book journaling ideas to give you a prompt for every week of the year. This list of 52 book journaling ideas is meant to help get your mind rolling about words, reading, books, and other aspects of a well-read life, whatever that. When I created my Bookstagram, I had no idea what I was doing or any tips on how to grow your Bookstagram account.Now, with over 20k followers and a lot of mistakes and growth, I'm happy with the success I've had so far. This guide includes my tips for how to gain more followers on Bookstagram, how to increase your Instagram engagement rate, and how to find success on Bookstagram

Bookstagram is the term used to describe the book side of Instagram. Many book bloggers, authors, or avid readers have Instagram accounts solely dedicated to books. What is an aesthetic and how can I get one? The word 'aesthetic' has to do with beauty, the way something looks. People often use the word when referring to Instagram accounts. Bookstagram and I haven't always been in harmony. In fact we were usually a mess both in terms of a theme, a style and my posting schedule. bookstagram has definitely been a HUGE struggle for me which is a post for another time. Bookending Spring gave me the motivation to challenge myself, to try an When it comes to bookstagramwe bookworms are also posting about our lives. It just happens to be 100% books. WELL. A blogger will host it and give you a list of prompts for every day in the month! You can interpret them as you like and join in the challenge's hashtag

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  1. Posted on May 24, 2021 May 22, 2021 Author Liz Categories Writing Prompt Tags art prompt, journaling prompt, speechwriting prompt, visual prompt, writing prompt Leave a comment on Prompt #5220 Visual Prompt of the Week - The Reader Prompt #5215 Visual Prompt - Finally Summe
  2. Posted on June 14, 2021 June 12, 2021 Author Liz Categories Writing Prompt Tags art prompt, journaling prompt, speechwriting prompt, writing prompt Leave a comment on Prompt #5223 Actress Overboard! Prompt #5222 First Line of the Week - C. Dale Youn
  3. 6,948 Followers, 1,550 Following, 307 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Old Town Books (@oldtownbooks
  4. The reading prompts that I created are about finding a book to read that will make you happy. It got really, really popular, which I'm so happy about because a lot of people had so much fun. We did a fall version in September, and again in January as well. On diversity on bookstagram and the rise of #ownvoices

Bookstagram tag challenges! With less than a week of August left I thought I'd share my thoughts with you guys on bookstagram challenges! Through out the month I have been taking part in a photo prompt challenge tag on bookstagram called #imperfectlyperfectaug18 in which the five hosts have set daily themes to base your pictures on See more ideas about bookstagram, bookstagram inspiration, book photography. Jul 14, 2021 - Explore India Today Tab's board Bookstagram aesthetic, followed by 214 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about bookstagram, bookstagram inspiration, book photography. If you're looking for journal prompts for self love, this journal is for you. Aug 30, 2020 - Explore Another Chapter, Another Dish's board Bookstagram Props and Ideas on Pinterest. See more ideas about bookstagram, props, bookstagram inspiration Jul 13, 2021 - Explore Snapshot Storyteller's board Snapshot Storyteller Blog Posts on Pinterest. See more ideas about snapshots, blog posts, storytelling

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  1. #moodreaderbingo Woot! I read for all 9 prompts resulting in a black out Out of these 9 books, only 5 were on my #possibilitypile My fave & 5-star read is The Other Side of Beautiful by Kim Lock; such a feel good story and much needed in this lockdown season
  2. May 28, 2021 - 30 of the best designs of mugs at cheapest prices. Coffee Mugs for Book Lovers. Because a love for reading is not just about books but for all things bookish
  3. There are so many hashtags and competitions flying around Bookstagram, so it's easy to find one you'll enjoy. Sometimes, tags will influence the type of photos you post, and sometimes you'll have a question or prompt to answer in the caption
  4. They are typically monthly challenges posted by different bookstagram users, that essentially just give you a prompt for posting to bookstagram. For those of us who struggle with what pictures to post, it's a fun way to stay involved in the bookstagram community, see what others are reading, and just have fun

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  1. The daily prompts give you ideas for daily Bookstagram posts! You get to meet awesome fellow bookworms who love books as well! You will discover SO MANY new books! (Seriously, SO MANY new books!) It's so much fun! I hope to see you on Monday when we officially start #AlltheBooksAug20!
  2. d rolling about words, reading, books, and other aspects of a well-read life, whatever that.
  3. Here's a prompt that's similar to the recipe for a cosy night in, but extended! Write a detailed itinerary for a lazy Sunday at home, and take photos while you're enjoying it. It'll be super authentic and might encourage your followers to slow down and take some time for themselves too. 14. Decorate your bookshelf for the winte
  4. Welcome to the easiest way to organize your bookstagram challenges! Look through all the challenges below, select the ones you want to participate in, and click that Generate button. We'll compile the info and show you all the prompts, organized by day. Do you host a challenge and want your own challenge listed first? Just click the star

'Bookstagram' is a term for an Instagram account centered around books. Basically, it's one giant online book club! So, whether you take pictures of books, reading nooks or you with your favorite novel, it's perfect for a Bookstagram account Play a Bookstagram Hashtag Game. I've written about this in more detail on our Bookstagram Post Ideas summary, but Bookstagram hashtags can provide the basis for a caption. These aren't quite as easy to match if you're in a hurry, but tags such as #colorbooktag and #shelfiesunday can provide an anchor for the rest of your copy

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Join These Bookstagram Challenges. Posted on January 11, 2020. January 10, 2020. by TheCaffeinatedReader. Hey guys! So, I'm hosting a bookstagram challenge this month in honour of Harley in the Sky as I'm part of the street team for Akemi Dawn Bowman. The hashtag for this one is #hitsjanchallenge. Instagram Many bookstagram accounts post monthly challenges, with everyday being a different prompt. No matter what genre you read, there's always something that you like there on bookstagram. When I was new to the scene, those challenge prompts were good for me to think outside the box a bit and try to use books I owned in a different way 20. The Mirror, Cup, and Candle: Legend has it, if you stand in front of a mirror holding a cup and a candle you can jump between dimensions. 21. Banned Books: Write about how books have nearly been abolished. Your country is separated into three main regions with a dangerous neutral zone in the center

about april reads aprilreads2021 athena authors bookblogger book lists booklover book review books bookstagram booktag booktags booktok Casual Disquisitions change changes characters chris bohjalian circe dean winchester encouragment Fanfiction fantasy fiction ghat glimpses here and there greek myths hello hermes horror image prompt. 5) You can post the challenge prompts so others know you're joining in! If you head over to this tweet there are three designs, which should cover most bookstagram aesthetics :D. 6) I'll be posting the prompts in my stories each day along with suggestions 265 Likes, 25 Comments - Bookstagram (@literaryleisha) on Instagram: . Bookstagram is a hobby for me so it has to be fun and enjoyable. Regardless of your genre of choice, Putnam said she recommends book lovers look into bookstagramming. If you love to read and want to talk books with other book lovers, sign up for Instagram, follow other bookish accounts, gain inspiration for your own photos and create. The next step was to choose my go-to photo props. I already had a list of flatlay products that worked really well for my fashion posts and the styled photography that I used for Pinterest graphics. However, rounding up items that fit my new cozy bookstagram theme was slightly more time-consuming, and it took a bit of trial and error, along.

Bookstagram is all about staying open to diverse perspectives even if you disagree Earlier this year, a Straits Times journalist was harassed by Kpop fans online because her article was deemed as negatively portraying a celebrity. Bookstagram remains a community that is mostly devoid of such clashes or 'cancel culture'—publicly shaming/demonetising someone whose opinion is perceived as. Recently, I've had a few people reach out to me to ask how I created an established Bookstagram. One of my favorite things to do (other than to read) is to try and share the best practices that I've accumulated throughout these past 3 or so years with newer bookstagrammers, so I was all too happy to answer some questions and share my favorite tips I'm someone who has been on bookstagram forwell, let's just say a good few years. I've only recently reached 500 followers. Which compared to the big accounts, isn't many. I know this. But I'm still proud. Because it's a huge amount compared to what I had even a year ago. I've learned how to utiliz Establish regular writing habits & become the writer you've envisioned for years, through the magic of group accountability & support. We're an inclusive, intimate community of women creatives based all over the globe. All stages of the creative process and all levels of experience are welcome (and especially you, introverts.) Many of us.

October Bookstagram Challenge. I'm so excited to finally be hosting my own photo challenge on Bookstagram! I've been working on it for a few months now (no joke, I started writing ideas in July.) I've come up with 31 prompts for the month, one for each day. If you want to participate, feel free to share this image with the prompts listed. ~ Bookstagram Tips ~ Taking photos ~ Editing photos ~ Creating themes. Welcome to part 2 of my Bookstagram Tips! Now, before we get started, I just wanted to say, there's no one way to take great photos. What appeals to me might be different to what appeals to you, or your friend, or your followers - you get the idea Bookstagram Challenges. Every month I participate in Lisa & Becca @ Lost in Lit's lilbookish challenge. So I already have my prompts ready to go. Choose a challenge to participate in. Not only does it make it easier to come up with ideas, but it's also fun to interact with all the other participants every month Maybe you're on the fence about joining Bookstagram or perhaps you're a seasoned Bookstagrammer looking for some new tips / tricks. I've put together a series of helpful posts for you to reference. Because this info doesn't need to be gated behind a fee. Share the wealth I say! So let's get to it with my Bookstagram

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Unless a bookstagram challenge prompt forces me to I'm not really an outdoorsy girl. I hate bugs. Anyway so if you take your photos inside near a window, a shutter speed of 20 to 25 should work well for you. Aperture. This one is a bit harder to explain for an amateur photographer like myself. Aperture is basically how open the lens of. Now Booking Blog. June 2 at 12:37 PM ·. #Bookstagram Book #97 of the year. #JustFinished #ALowCountryBride by #PreslaysaWilliams. . . I never really knew much about low country South Carolina's rich history and strong connection to West African cultural heritage till romance taught me last year. So when I saw low country in the title. Bookstagram is what we call the bookish community on Instagram, where bookstagrammers share aesthetically pleasing photos featuring our favorite things in the world — books. A book challenge is usually hosted by a bookstagrammer for the entirety of the month and they state different prompts for each day. This will help you in three ways. Now, I'm no professional, but I do like to think I've had my fair share of experience on bookstagram. My first post was over two years ago and since then, I've made a lot of rookie mistakes (that topic could fill a whole other blog post!).Growth was quite slow for a while (and right now the algorithm is killing me) but there are a few ways you can boost your bookstagram to new heights

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Each month on Instagram, I am sharing four astrology-themed prompts for whichever sign the sun is in or will enter shortly. I started off in late 2020 with Capricorn, and was so happy to have a few bookstagram friends join me on my adventure. Let's look at the prompts and which books they chose for each week! This challenge is on-going Services. Valentine PR & Literary Management is a boutique firm at the forefront of author and publisher services. With years of experience in best practices for promotion and a drive for discovering new avenues, increased visibility and sales has never been more within reach

A Philadelphia based lifestyle blog focusing on organization, productivity and side hustles. I'm a writer, content creator and strategist based in Philly. Welcome to By Amber Burns, my blog, also known as my URL livingroom. This is where I share my favorite reads, best tips and greatest finds with you And so, for 2020, I came up with a reading challenge for myself: to read 20 LGBTQ+ books in 2020. I first thought of this on bookstagram, and after doing a poll, I found out that others want to join in! So, hey, if you think you're also up for this challenge, go ahead! The challenge is to read 20 LGBTQ+ books this 2020 ( but if we can push. A big part of why I shared my Blogging and Bookstagramming goals for 2021 was so I could share my progress and reflections towards the middle and end of the year. But as the months passed and I come to my mid-year review, I realize that a lot of my goals have changed.. In addition to my bookish goals, I created my own personal goals, as well as a word of the year that summarizes all of my.

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ARMYdathon: A BTS-Inspired Readathon. It's been a year since I've joined a readathon. My last one was the Percydathon June of last year and I kinda went on a reading slump after that. Having been a part of the book community for years (albeit I'm just on the sidelines), I rarely join in readathons because I am terrible at commitments Here's the prompt with all 28 of the challenges, and below the prompt, a few links and comments that might help with some of the prompts that might make you go Hmm? Explain Shelfie We've talked a bit about shelfies before , but the long and short of it is it's a picture of you and your bookshelves It can be a challenge to come up with Bookstagram post ideas when you're trying to juggle everything else in your life. To help with this, we've assembled useful bookstagram prompts in this post #bookstagram #instagramtips #bookphotography #bookaestheti

Christmas Prompts 2020 {Masterlist} All Christmas/Winter prompts answered in November/December will be posted here. :) You can send a holiday prompt to my ask box! You've got to be Knitting Me {Elain x Azriel} Mistletoe {Elide x Lorcan} Fool's Holiday {Elide x Lorcan} The Perfect Gift {Rowan x Aelin} Stuck {Nesta x Cassian Bibliomavens | Book Blog | Reviews & Discussion | Writing Prompts | Two book lovers who blog about book reviews, recommendations, discussions, lists, writing tips and prompts, Bookstagram, and social media tips for bloggers Jan 7, 2021 - Explore Elisha Therene's board Bookstagram Story Templates on Pinterest. See more ideas about story template, templates, instagram story template. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures The movie prompt for Coco is to read a book featuring music or musicians. For this prompt I'd like to read Rhythm by Marie Lipscomb, which is an adult romance between an artist and a drummer from a metal band. I would like to read this book for another readathon in August as well (more on that later!). Cover image Rhyth Qotd What book has been on your # tbr for wayyyy too long? For me, it's definitely At the End of the Matinee. I'm so happy to have the space in my schedule to finally dive into this beautiful book by @hiranok

October Bookstagram Challenge. I'm so excited to finally be hosting my own photo challenge on Bookstagram! I've been working on it for a few months now (no joke, I started writing ideas in July.) I've come up with 31 prompts for the month, one for each day. If you want to participate, feel free to share this image with the prompts listed. Bookstagram - How, What, Why, When, Whatever It's been 2 years since I started my Bookstagram @theguywiththebook which recently crossed 35k. I had no idea there is a thing called Bookstagram and it was just a space for me to keep track of the books I've read. Recently I won the Bookstagrammer of the yea Writing Prompt #1 October 22, 2017 No Comments. Use this writing prompt and be inspired. CAPTURED GAZE . Share this: #bookstagram #booklover #amwriting #poetry #poetsofig #blackwriters #igwriters #spilledink #lovequotes #motivation #grind #goals #levelup #author #authorsofinstagram #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #empowerment 2 months ago. Bookstagram Props. People can get really creative with styling photos with books as their models. I like to pair a book with something it reminds me of (a pairing), like an outfit that matches the cover, a personal photo from a location in the book or a meal mentioned in the book It's a monthly reading challenge where you have to read at least one book that fits the prompt of the month. I also surprise fellow bloggers and bookstagrammers by sending books and Amazon gift cards to show appreciation. Write about how you started your bookstagram, or how you take aesthetic pictures, hashtags and caption ideas, or the.

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The bookstagram tag has been used on over 35m Instagram posts, and the more popular bookstrammers have upwards of 100,000 followers (for comparison, the Instagram for the New York Times book. Writing Prompt #10. Go get you a copy. #bookstagram #booklover #amwriting #poetry #poetsofig #blackwriters #igwriters #spilledink #lovequotes #motivation #grind #goals #levelup #author #authorsofinstagram #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #empowerment 2 months ago View on.

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This list is for The 52 Book Club's 2021 Prompt: Found via #bookstagram Share what book you're planning on using for this prompt or any recommendations that you've personally seen using the hashtag bookstagram. All Votes Add Books To This List. 1: The Midnight Library by. Matt. bookstagram Review of Mind Noise Two: The Adventures Of The Kid On Mars by Ash Raymond James. I decided to partake in one of the many July prompts for today's poem! I'm saving every set I come across so let me know if you have prompts up! Follow me on Goodreads. Follow Brooke Goodwin on WordPress.com Today is the final chapter of the What I Have Learned on Bookstagram small feature. Are you guys sick of hearing about bookstagram yet? It's okay if you are. :) This last entry should feel a little bit self-explanatory, but nevertheless, I think it bears repeating. If you want to be a part of a community - any community - one of the best ways to cement your place there is to participate in.

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another bookish challenge for the Bookstagram community! Again this month, I will be including a giveaway for a book of your choice from Book Depository valuing at $10 (USD) Each day you guys do a prompt enters your name to win the giveaway! Rules will be on my Instagram post on Critic_Uncritical_Bookworm I' Hello Everyone! I'm back at it again with another bookish challenge for the Bookstagram community! Again this month, I will be including a giveaway for a book of your choice from Book Depository valuing at $10 (USD) Each day you guys do a prompt enters your name to win the giveaway! Rules will be o There are a few different reasons to tag someone in your bookstagram post. #1. Linking to your engagement group. Last week, I spoke about how engagement groups had helped in my our bookstagram evolution. One of the most important things you want to do as part of an engagement group it to make sure you tag that engagedment group While I'm definitely not the leading authority on bookstagram, or the most professional photographer, reviewer, etc., I do have some tips that might be useful. Whether you're just starting out or thinking about starting a bookstagram, or you've on on bookstagram for ages, we can always learn from each other. Starting a bookstagram Before

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I ask that you follow the prompts, and tag your books and others in the #Bookstagram world to share theirs. Lets see what other amazing books are out there that might not be on our radar. Here are the prompts. A book that you loved before you joined #Bookstagram; A book you love by an author from a different ethnicity than yo Do you believe that your bookstagram features diverse reads? We mostly choose the books to feature based on the daily prompts of Bookstagram challenges we participate in! Our favorites right now are #JulyBookstagram18 #AlltheBooksJuly18 & #JulyinBooks18 which always have great prompts that help inspire us while narrowing down our book choices One of those books is The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford, a satirical narrative that follows an upper-class English family during the war and focuses on love, class and relationships. It's a classic light-hearted storyline that recently got a fabulous BBC adaptation How the #bookstagram movement has changed the way fiction is marketed, reviewed and read. Book blogging has always existed on the internet, but on Instagram it collides with the influencer economy.

Home › Blog Topics › Using #Bookstagram to Enhance the Library. Using #Bookstagram to Enhance the Library By Karin Greenberg on 07/21/2020 • ( 0). For the past three years, as I've incorporated Google Suite, Canvas, Kahoot, and other interactive digital tools into my library practice, I've seen firsthand how technology can benefit my school community There are no more prompts for our photo challenge but you have until 11.59PM UK time to get your entries in! [ #illumicrate #illumicraterep7 #bookstagram #bookish #bibliophile #instabook #igreads #readersofig ] https://ift.tt/2Llwtkp. IFTTT Instagram Illumicrate Bookstagram Subscription Box Subscription Book Box Reading in Place: staying at home on #bookstagram. Image Description: Flat lay of open books. Since COVID-19 caused universities to shutter, it seems as though every researcher has had to contend with the upending of their usual routine. The pandemic closed our usual productive spaces like libraries and offices, it has sent us packing home Love these prompts! Definitely bookmarking this for when I get stuck and I'm not sure what to post next (which happens way more than I'll admit to lol). Visit Our Bookstagram. I love this little promotional package I received for THE WOLF'S CURSE by Jessica Vitalis. It may be the first one I have received in my entire 10 years as a.

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Staring in January 2018, we are hosting our first bookstagram challenge under the tag #jaguarsushijanuary. We haven't quite set on whether we'll have specific themes each month, but we're starting off with a bang with prompts inspired by Disney songs. How fun is that? Of course, most of the prompts are open for your own creative. 10 thoughts on Bookstagram Tips - Instagram 'Stories' How, why and when to use them Shilpa says: June 16, 2018 at 10:32 pm. Nice tips! I really enjoy seeing the non-bookish part of bookstagrammers on stories.. . Hey Guys! Just a quick post to share the bookstagram challenge I'm co-hosting. We are looking to keep diversifying bookstagram feeds and highlight AOC + POC Books. The challenge runs over the first two weeks of July (1st-14th) The prompts are flexible, interpret them how you wish + you can post any of the prompts March is about stepping up our bookstagram game there are some stunning and creative photos showing up on IG every day all focused on books. So we have collected a bunch of specific prompts for those fancy setups and are going to try our best to put our own spin on them for the month Pros. 'milk and honey' smoothly flows from one topic to the next, reading like a story rather than simply a collection. Kaur doesn't shy away from the 'difficult to digest' topics, showing the world a need for change and showing those who have experienced such things than you are powerful and can overcome anything Hashtags to Connect with Writers. Some writers tweet regular prompts to which other writers respond on specific hashtags. Mini writer communities can grow up around these, so if you like a prompt, I recommend viewing its feed (by selecting its hashtag) and interacting with other writers tweeting on it, as well as tweeting your prompt responses on the tag