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A good way to determine the difference between a pimple and a cold sore is by its appearance. Cold sores cause clusters of tiny blisters. Eventually, the blisters burst and can ooze fluid. Cold sores develop around the lips, nose and nostrils, chin, and (less commonly) eyes The AAD explains that pimples occur more frequently during puberty, between the ages of 12 and 17. In contrast, the Mayo Clinic notes that cold sores can appear in patches and often look like red blisters that are crusty or oozing. If it's a first-time outbreak, a cold sore can also come with headaches, sore throats and even muscles aches Pimples are caused by bacteria, while cold sores are caused by herpes viruses. Symptoms and signs differ between pimples and cold sores. Significant differences are that pimples produce pus and occur mainly on the face and back, while cold sores produce blisters on the lips and in the mouth

Unlike a pimple, which rarely produces more than a minor tingling as it forms, a cold sore can cause tingling at the lowest levels of sensation. Some people will feel itching or burning from a cold sore, making this problem much more painful than a pimple. Effective treatment can quickly ease this pain. Cold sore is always painful What's more: While pimples may be tender or cause discomfort, they're not associated with the same prodromal phase as cold sores, says Shah. Pimples can also occur anywhere on the body, whereas.. Cold sores and pimples can look similar, and both can appear around the mouth. However, they have very different causes and treatment. Cold sores occur due to a viral infection, whereas pimples are.. Pimples, unlike cold sores, can happen anywhere on the body, be it arms, legs, face, or lips. They often occur with a red, white, or no tip at all. Sometimes, pimples are more likely to happen on acne-prone skin, which might make them painful and discomforting to touch

Difference between a Cold Sore and a Pimple The main difference between cold sores and pimples is origin and location. The by-product of hair follicles becoming clogged, pimples can form at any location where hair grows. On the other hand, cold sores are born from an incurable virus known as herpes Sometimes, a cold sore will show up on your upper lip. Pimples can appear anywhere on your lips or face. A pimple may be painful to the touch, but a cold sore will also itch, burn, or tingle. Pimples have a single whitehead or blackhead With a cold sore, keep an eye out for sensations such as itching and burning, while a pimple can sometimes be tender or painful to the touch. In either case, if you're unsure how to go about treating the affected area, be sure to consult with your doctor for potential treatment options A cold sore is typically preceded by a tingling sensation and appears as groups of small blisters and leaves a scab when healing, says Sarah Young, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic. A..

Cold sores. Skin care. Nail formulas. Recent posts. Dr. Rome Talks Hair Loss Treatments With Strut Health. 5 Question Erectile Dysfunction Self Test Tool. What is Telemedicine?: The New Frontier of Medicine. Cold Sore vs Pimple: Which One Do You Have Cold Sore vs. Pimple - Difference between Cold Sore and Pimple Many people are not aware that cold sore or pimple may appear to be the same. The symptoms start with inflamed red bump on skin, especially on your face. Sometimes this red bump could grow near your lip, chin, and even nostril

Cold sores usually have a larger surface area than a lip pimple, she says. A lip pimple, on the other hand, is a whitehead with one raised bump that's white in color—not multiple bumps, like. Cold sores are a consequence of an infection which comes along with herpes simplex virus which is (HSV). However, pimples are a symptom which is the result of a skin condition, and that is acne which is caused on the skin due to the clogging of hair follicles in the skin due to various reasons. Cold sores usually develop around and on the lips

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  1. Causes of Cold Sores and Pimples. There is a bacterium called Propionibacterium acnes that contributes to the formation of your pimples or acne.Pimples like whiteheads or blackheads that either have a pocket of white-looking pus or a pinpoint of black at the top are known as noninflammatory acne
  2. Dr. Coyle Connolly answered. 29 years experience Dermatology. Pimple or cold sore: A cold sore is caused by herpes simplex virus and occurs in the same location repeatedly. It is often painful and starts as a a blister before crusti Read More. 2 doctors agree
  3. Pimple vs. cold sore facts. Share Your Story; Pimples and cold sores are treated differently. Pimples contain pus, while cold sores contain clear fluid in blisters.; Both pimples and cold sores can spontaneously heal.; Pimples are caused by bacteria, while cold sores are caused by herpes viruses.; Symptoms and signs differ between pimples and cold sores. Significant differences are that.
  4. A pimple appears in the exact same spot on my outer lip once in a while. It does tingle a little, but does not hurt at all. It has a single, puss filled head, and behaves just like a pimple that I would get anywhere else- which doesn't fit the description of cold sores

Cold sores vs. pimple - the bottom line. So, the bottom line is that there are some similarities and some differences between cold sores (herpes sores) and pimples. For example, cold sores and pimples on your lips both cause pain and embarrassment. The good news is that you can help speed up the healing time of them both with homemade natural. Cold sores tend to look like the former, while lip pimples have that distinguishable white or black top (hence the terms whiteheads and blackheads). While they might look similar in the beginning, cold sores usually take on the appearance of a cloudy blister, says Patel A pimple is a symptom of acne and is a pus-filled sore caused by a clogged hair follicle. A cold sore is a symptom of Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) and is a group of fluid-filled blisters caused by an HSV outbreak. Pimples and cold sores are similar but have apparent differences that can help you to identify which one you are dealing with. Pimples Cold sores can be quite painful. (Point five pimple vs cold sore) 5. Pimples will develop a white, yellow, or a blackhead and will eventually go away. Cold sores begin to look more like blisters and after a few days will begin to ooze. Cold sores are contagious and can transmit through person-to-person contact A cold sore is an inflamed blister (also termed a fever blister or oral herpes) on the lips and/or near the mouth, caused by infection with herpes simplex viruses (HSV-1 and HSV-2). What are causes and risk factors for pimples and cold sores? Cold sores are caused by HSV-1 and HSV-2 viruses, with the majority of facial cold sores caused by HSV.

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  1. A pimple at the edge of a person's lip. Getty Stigma. Like any skin affliction, pimples and cold sores can both wreak havoc on people's emotional well-being. Acne and cold sores are notorious for causing anxiety and stress, says Amy Wechsler, a New York City-based psychodermatologist. They make people very self-conscious, and.
  2. The first thing that makes pimple on lip (pimple vs cold sore) different is that this can appear almost anywhere in the body and simultaneously in different places while cold sores only usually appear in the mouth, around the lips, or on the genitals and in one place at a time. 2. Pimples may be painful to the touch while cold sores only tingle.
  3. Just for your own information, cold sores are herpes. If you have cold sores, you have herpes. Cold Sores are caused by Herpes HSV-1 or basically oral herpes. This is extremely common; 90% of adults contract Herpes HSV-1 because it is so contagious. You may have even contracted it in your youth without knowing it from an aunt, grandma, mother, etc
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The redness of a pimple can be mistaken for a cold sore. Of course, pimples aren't caused by viruses, and they are not contagious. There are a few distinct ways to tell these conditions apart. Some of the clearest differences include: Cold sores tend to show up around one area of the mouth - usually the lower lip Like pimples, you may be tempted to pop a cold sore or a herpes blister, but by popping, you are only doing more harm. Popping a cold sore, a genital herpes blister, or a pimple increases the risk that you will worsen the existing infection, introduce a secondary infection, or irritate your skin further What you are describing is herpes simplex. You can/do get them one at a time. They don't come to a head, look like a cold sore and leave a deep pink spot for much longer than a typical red mark from a zit. They can be filled with clear or milky fluid but not dense white material like a zit

A pimple at the edge of a person's lip. GettyStigma. Like any skin affliction, pimples and cold sores can both wreak havoc on people's emotional well-being. Acne and cold sores are notorious for causing anxiety and stress, says Amy Wechsler, a New York City-based psychodermatologist Pimples and cold sores have a LOT in common. They love to pop up at inconvenient times (like right before a date), they thrive on stress, and they can be a b*tch to cover up. And when they pop up. Cold Sore: one of the primary cold sore causes is an infection due to HSV-1 or herpes simplex virus type 1. However, it can also be due to HSV-2 or herpes simplex virus type 2 or varicella-zoster. Pimple: pimples are due to the production of excessive amount of oil that clogs the pores of the skin and trigger the development of pimples

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Cold sores Vs Pimples. Cold sores tend to show up in one area of the lower lip every time. Sometimes cold sores can also develop around the mouth and nose. For many, cold sores starts as itchy and uncomfortable spots on the face. According to doctors, cold sores are caused due to the HSV-1 or HSV-2 virus What's the difference between a cold sore vs pimple? If what my daughter has is a cold sore, what should I do to treat it

Also, it's easy to confuse between a pimple and a cold sore as they look similar and are equally uncomfortable. However, there is a big difference between the two. In this article, we will talk about the differences between cold sores and lip pimples, how to identify them, their causes, symptoms, and ways to treat them Learn how to identify a cold sore vs. a pimple, canker sore, or chapping on your lips, and how to treat the problem fast I have what I thought was a large pimple on my lip. I usually get cystic acne on my chin or around my mouth, so I just assumed that it was a large pimple. However, a few of my friends pointed out that it looked like a cold sore, plus it's almost completely on the lip (not the skin around it) In general, a cold sore will last longer than a pimple. Luckily, there are ways to speed up the healing process. Since cold sores stem from a virus, they are treated with antiviral medications. But then, people also apply ice to sores and injuries too.. It seems like one of these options might help with a big painful pimple. But which one?? The last thing you want to do is the wrong thing and make it worse! When to Apply Cold. When a pimple swells up like that, it's because of inflammation

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Causes of Acne vs. Cold Sores. When oil-producing glands in your skin become blocked, the area can become infected with bacteria. Your body's immunity sends white blood cells to fight the bacteria, which is what causes pimples. Cold sores, on the other hand, form on the lips as a result of the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus, and they're contagious. Signs and symptoms of cold sores include: -Small, painful, fluid-filled blisters on a raised, red, painful area of your skin. -Pain or tingling, called the prodrome, often precedes the blisters by one to two days. -Usual duration of seven to 10 days Cold sores also appear in tiny clusters, whereas pimples never do. Also, pimples can only appear where oil glands are present. Since there are no oil glands on the lips, it's impossible to have a pimple there. Cold sores are contagious, acne is not. Still, 60 million Americans have acne, and 50 to 80% carry the herpes simplex virus. So if you. Pimple vs. Cold Sore: Learn the Differences Similarities - Pimple Marks Remova How to Get Rid of a Cold Sore Vs. a Pimple October 6, 2020, 1:25 PM Learn how to identify a cold sore vs. a pimple, canker sore, or chapping on your lips, and how to treat the problem fast

Genital Pimples vs. Herpes: How to Identify and Treat Your Symptoms. This virus is spread through contact with saliva containing the virus and cold sores. HSV-1 can cause genital herpes A cold sore looks like a blistered section of skin, and it normally happens right on the edge of the lip line but can happen around the lips and on the chin or upper lip. You can good a google search for cold sore and get a pretty good idea. Zits look like zits Cold Sore vs. Pimple. Herpes Simplex commonly known as cold sore is a viral condition caused by the HSV 1 (herpes simplex virus 1) and HSV 2 (herpes simplex virus 2) virus. Cold sores often surface as a result of oral herpes. On the other hand, a pimple is a condition that results from a blockage of the pores in the skin Not sure whether you have a pimple or a cold sore? Watch this video to find out the differences between the two, and if you should be using Abreva® Cold Sore.. Pimple vs. cold sore facts Picture of a pimple Pimples contain pus, while cold sores contain clear fluid in blisters. Both pimples and cold sores can spontaneously heal. Pimples are caused by bacteria, while cold sores are caused by herpes viruses. Symptoms and signs differ between pimples and cold sores. Significant differences are that.

At first I thought it was a cold sore (never had one, but had a few pimples on the upper lipline). It started small but I kind of played with it and put tea tree oil for a few times, and some other products. I don't want to zit it, last time I did it with lip pimple it became crusty and looked even worse Like any skin affliction, pimples and cold sores can both wreak havoc on people's emotional well-being. Acne and cold sores are notorious for causing anxiety and stress, says Amy Wechsler, a New York City-based psychodermatologist. They make people very self-conscious, and sufferers feel like the acne or cold sore is the only thing. Angular cheilitis is often mistaken for a cold sore, but there's a primary difference, Batra says: Visually, angular cheilitis appears in the corner of the mouth as cracked, scaly skin, while.

Pimple vs Cold Sore Center - Virginia Beach, VA. WebMD Physician Directory of Virginia Beach Doctors. The City of Virginia Beach. Pimple vs Cold Sore - Virginia Beach. Related Pimple vs Cold Sore Articles. Virginia Beach Emergency Contacts. Nearby Virginia Beach Hospitals. Pimple vs Cold Sore Center - Washington, DC Differences between pimples and cold sores Medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP Cold sores and pimples can look similar, but they are two separate conditions Cold Sore or Pimple The appearance of a reddish lump in the vicinity of your lips, nostril or chin that you have never had before might make you debate about its nature. You might think that it is a pimple or just a cold sore / Cold Sores vs Acne Skin conditions such as cold sores and acne, that almost everyone suffers from at least once in his or her life, are poles apart and cannot be considered as one and the same. Quite a few people are under the wrong notion that cold sores and acne are the same In some cases, patients may develop pus bumps rather than clear blisters. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus, while pimples are caused by bacteria. 1 . Lip pimples may also appear red and irritated but upon a closer look are usually a solitary, red bump. Lip pimples may affect men and women equally

Cold sore or Pimple? Lip pimple that just won't go away Cold sore like bump on upper lip Small clear puss filled bump on lower lip keeps coming back Pimple on lip swollen lip pimple Pimple on my lip Red, sore bump on lip White-head painful pimple on outer mouth lip Blister on my upper lip that IS NOT A cold sore swollen lip from pimple However, cold sores are the most contagious when the blister is oozing. How Can I Tell the Difference Between a Cold Sore and a Pimple? If you are prone to acne, though are not sure if you're dealing with a pimple or a cold sore, you might be a little worried. Luckily, the differences between cold sores and pimples are often clear to determine Acne pimple vs. Cold sores 1. Cold Sores Are More Painful Than Lip Acne Pimples. To start with a cold sore is preceded by a sharp tingling sensation and itching in the skin around the lip. A lip pimple, on the other hand, begins with minor soreness and tenderness on the lip as opposed to the sharp pain that is typical of cold sores. 2 Pimple vs cold sore Cold sore. Cold sores tend to show up in one area of the lower lip each time. Sometimes, they'll show up on your upper lip. Cold sores can itch, burn, or tingle. Cold sores are made up of a few tiny blisters clustering together. Pimple. Pimples can appear anywhere on your lips or face. Pimples may be painful to the touch

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  1. Using a warm or cold compress can help a great deal. Both warm and cold compress are effective at dealing with pimples on your lip, although a cold compress is preferable when a pimple is sore and painful. However, don't use a cold compress on an open wound resulting from a popped pimple. 3. Apply Lime Juice
  2. Angular Cheilitis vs Cold Sore: The Similarities. Cold sores, also known as oral herpes or HSV-1, cause symptoms similar to angular cheilitis. Both conditions cause redness, rawness, and inflammation around the corners of the mouth. This explains why the two are often mistaken for one another
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  4. Sores and ulcers on the mouth, lips, tongue can be painful and affect eating and chewing. Canker sores are called aphthous ulcers. They are usually small round sores surrounded by a red ring; they appear in single forms or in clusters of 2 to 3 that become large sores. These sores can be simple or [
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  6. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1). The virus typically lays dormant in the underlying nerve, but when there's a triggering immune event (such as stress, sunlight, or trauma) to the skin, it can cause the virus to flare in the nerve, says board-certified dermatologist and founder of Visha Skincare Purvisha Patel, M.D. The lesions then appear as a response to the.

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The 'doc' here is giving very bad and health endangering advice. Lip pimples are not acne, they are cold sores. Cold sores are a form of herpes. Lip herpes can transfer to another easily and can even transfer to genitals if oral sex is performed to a male or female Traditionally, heat has been used as a home remedy to speed up drainage from painful boils and abscesses. Heat opens up and increases the pressure in an infected pore (i.e. a swollen pimple), and it helps to draw the pus up to the skin's surface to create a head. 2. Heat, like cold, can also soothe any pain Lip pimple vs cold sore. Blister on lip not cold sore. Sun blisters on arms. Treating sun poisoning blisters. Freckles vs sun spots. Neck blister sore. Connect with a U.S. board-certified doctor by text or video anytime, anywhere. Talk to a doctor now . 24/7 visits - just $39 A lot of people want to know how to tell the difference between a cold sore vs. herpes, but the truth is it's all herpes. Throwing around the word herpes tends to worry people, which is likely. is another good question. Mainly because, yes, they can look really similar. Here's the differences between a herpes sore and a pimple. A pimple is caused by oils being trapped under the skin. Eventually the oils collect up in a blister. A pimple looks like herpes because it has red skin with a white blister on top

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  1. Here are seven nasty facts you need to know. Both cold sores and your typical got that from sex genital herpes are caused by the herpes simplex virus, says Susan Bard, M.D., a board.
  2. A pimple is just a pimple. After all, it is a condition where the pores are clogged. A cyst, however, can be divided into various different types. Sebaceous or facial cyst is the one looking like a pimple. Acne cyst is the next development of acne where bacterial infestation present
  3. If you have been having a tough time to know what is what when it comes to boil vs pimple, this article is for you. Learn what these two always confused conditions are, the differences with pictures as well as similarities Boil + Pictures A boil or skin abscess is an infection that begins in [
  4. Cold Sore/Fever Blister Remedies. Cold sore remedies can range from natural home-based cures to over-the-counter treatments and doctor-prescribed medicines. Cold Sore Home Remedies. If you prefer to try a natural cold sore remedy, many common items are purported to prevent and/or lessen the irritation of outbreaks
  5. Cold sores and fever blisters - also called oral herpes - are caused by the herpes simplex virus. Cold sores are caused by herpes simplex type 1 (HSV 1) more often than herpes simplex type 2 (HSV 2). Cold sores start like this one with vesicles and progress like genital herpes lesions to ulcers, crusting and then healing without a scar
  6. The cold in cold sores gives people the impression that one gets cold sores from a cold or flu. In fact, Herpes simplex is the culprit behind these sores. Although they clear up on their own in 7-10 days they wreak havoc impairing your ability to enjoy a good hot meal, spicy food and hot beverages
  7. View messages from patients providing insights into their medical experiences with Pimple vs. Cold Sore - Symptoms and Signs. Share in the message dialogue to help others and address questions on symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments, from MedicineNet's doctors

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Pimple vs. Cold Sore - Experience. Please share your experience with pimples and/or cold sores. Post; Pimple vs. Cold Sore - Symptoms and Signs. What signs and symptoms did you have with cold sores and/or pimples? Post View 1 Comment; Pimple vs. Cold Sore - Treatments. What treatments have you found to be effective for cold sores and/or pimples. YAMT: Pimples vs Cold Sores - FIGHT! 12 posts CannonFodder Shiny Melon of Doom. And Cats. Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: Apr 13, 2001. Posts: 10661. Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2006 2:19 pm. Acne, on the other hand, does not cause the same amount of discomfort although acne can cause mild, tolerable irritation. Aside from that, acne bumps are larger compared to cold sores. Acne lesions known as pimples contain pus and unlike cold sores, acne formation is marked by the formation of pimples that are filled with pus 1. Try home remedies. When used early, there are several remedies that can help ease the pain and reduce swelling — and may even shorten the duration of a cold sore: Cold, damp washcloth. Ice or cold compress. Petroleum jelly. Pain relievers, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. 2 And although historically the type 1 virus caused cold sores, and type 2 caused ulcers on the genitalia, these days, cold sores on the mouth can be caused by both types, Dr Lee explains

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Blind pimple vs. cold sore. TBH, deep zits and cold sores look an awful lot alike: red or discolored, swollen, and painful. #Twinning! The main difference Cold Sore vs Herpes Herpes and cold sore are two words that always come together. It is important to understand that cold sores are a type of presentation of herpes simplex infection. Therefore, the difference between herpes and cold sores are subtle. The blisters that occur due to Herpes simplex viral infection are called cold sores

Fact #1: Cold sores are caused by a virus. Looks can be deceiving. Spots and cold sores look surprisingly similar when they very first emerge. However, beneath the surface, what causes a cold sore is very different. Whereas a pimple is caused by a build-up of oil and dead skin cells clogging your pores, what causes a cold sore is a virus called. Occasionally, cold sores form inside the mouth, on the gums or roof of the mouth. Cold sore blisters can appear in a range in sizes. Some are more painful than others, and they can last for 7 to. Cold sore. Cold sores, often called fever blisters, are clustered, small, fluid-filled blisters. You may feel a tingling on your lip before a small, hard, painful spot appears (top). In a day or two, blisters form, which later break and ooze (bottom). Healing usually occurs in two to three weeks without scarring Weakened immune system. The cold sore virus lives inactive in your mouth area in nerve cells. But while your immune system usually ensures that the virus doesn't replicate and cause blisters, if it's busy fighting off another virus or infection, such as a cold or the flu, you may experience a cold sore outbreak.. Here are some steps to help avoid an outbreak during cold and flu season Cold Sores Vs Acne: vicinity of Occurrence. Cold sores that check in mastery clusters are normally heuristic around the lips. These liquor filled fever blisters obligatoriness besides punch in right on the lips. magnetism event of acne, the pimples come out anywhere on the facial suburb. However, recurrently acne pimples materialize on the.

Cold Sore vs Pimple. Cold Sore och Pimple är av olika orsaker. Även kalla sår är blåsor som förekommer i kluster och är infektiösa och finnar är fysiologiska och oinfekterade finnar är inte blåsor eller smittsamma. Att förstå skillnaden mellan kallsås och finnar kan dock hjälpa till att ta itu med problemet på ett tidigt stadium Cold sores are also bigger than pimples and ooze fluids much longer. Angular Cheilitis vs. Cold Sore. Often cold sores are confused with angular cheilitis. Both can cause your lips to swell and redness around the corner of your mouth. But cold sores are filled with fluid and seem bubbly, and when they pop, they ooze for a while annie: Warm compresses have always been the best choice for drawing out an infection. If you do a search for heat vs cold in infections, heat is the number one choice. Note from the editor: Warm compress seems to be the best choice for cysts. Also, consider using Epsom salt with the warm compress. « How to stop the side effects with Accutane 2. Watch for bumps or reddened and inflamed skin. MRSA manifests as a bump or sore area on the skin. Many times this can be confused with insect bites, such as spider bites, or it may look like a pimple. Pay attention to any areas of skin that are red, inflamed, painful, or hot to the touch

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Cold Sore vs Pimple. Cold Sore e Pimple são de diferentes causas. Além disso, feridas são bolhas que aparecem em aglomerados e são infecciosas e espinhas são espinhas fisiológicas e não infectadas não são bolhas nem contagiosas. No entanto, entender a diferença entre dor frio e espinha pode ajudar a abordar o problema numa fase inicial Cold sores are small, blister-like ulcers that occur in and around the mouth. Brought on by many triggers, such as stress and cold and flu; allergies may also bring cause a cold sore outbreak. If you are prone to cold sores, it may be time to determine whether or not an allergy is causing them If a pimple seems to be getting redder, bigger, more tender, or warm it could be a sign of infection, and you should see a doctor as soon as possible. To minimize chances and also the frequency of bumps and sores on labia, avoid any dry shaving, use of the shaving gel or even the cream, and shave in the direction that the hair grows rather.

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Difference Between Folliculitis and Herpes It is alarming to see abnormal growths on the skin, such as papules, blisters, warts, lesions and rashes, especially if the etiology is unknown. Paranoia sets in if these abnormal growths are found on the face particularly the oral cavity and/or on the private parts of the body - the genitals and the anal area Some of these viral infections include the flu, cold sores, and oral herpes. A pimple on the tongue due to oral herpes tends to ooze a clear pus-like liquid. Other flu-like symptoms may also accompany a pimple on the tongue, including a fever, a sore throat, dry cough, fatigue, and weakness. 5. Canker Sores Commonly, cold sores are mistaken for canker sores, particularly in children. However, canker sores just involve the mucous membrane, but are not on the outside of the mouth. These problems are caused by the Herpes simplex virus (HSV) when it comes in contact with abraded skin or oral mucosa tissue of the mouth

On the other hands, painful, tingling, sore or painful small white dot on lip, it could be herpes especially if they are clustered specks that form fluid-filled blisters. Slightly bigger white spots would be lip pimples, fibromas or mucous cysts (if on inner lip) or canker sores (if very painful). White spot on lower li Mouth Sores & Infections. There are many different types of mouth sores you may experience, from common canker sores to oral thrush. Learn to spot the signs, and when it's time to see your dentist or physician. Type There are a lot of people who suffer from cold sores. Cold sores are also known as fever blisters. It is common for cold sores to appear on the mouth or in that area. However, there are cases when cold sores appear in different places, like the nose or even a forehead. Herpes zoster ophthalmicus. There are a lot of people who suffer from this.